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Why Urban Swirl Milkshakes Are Superior To Fast-Food Shakes

Milkshakes and malts hold a special place in the hearts of many Americans.

With nostalgic visions of date nights and malt shops, it reminds us of youth culture and meeting places for teens and young adults for decades.

However, this wholly American creation hasn’t been around for as long as you may think. Because it requires rapid mixing to make, it wasn’t until widespread adoption of electricity that milkshakes were even possible.

While this sweet treat can be found at nearly every restaurant these days, they just taste better when you order one at a specialty shop. Let’s take a deeper look at just why milkshakes from Urban Swirl and Scoop are downright superior to fast-food places.


At most fast-food places, your milkshake options are limited to chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and — maybe — a seasonal flavor.

At Urban Swirl, you can make a milkshake from any of the hand-dipped ice cream we have available. Want a cookies and cream shake? You got it. Want a black cherry chocolate chip shake? You got it.

“You can make a milkshake from any of our 18 hand-dipped ice cream flavors,” says Chrissy Harper, co-owner and manager for Urban Swirl and Scoop. “We also have six specialty shakes that are combinations of our scoop ice cream. You can also have a shake with any of our soft serve ice cream or froyo — the possibilities are endless!”

The specialty shakes — Strawberry Shortcake, Thin Mint Cookie, Peanut Butter Cup, Unicorn Magic, Cookie Monster, and Toffee Coffee — are combinations of two or three different types of ice cream. Each also has secret ingredients for extra indulgence.

Any of the milkshakes can be turned into a malt for that unique toasted flavor. Plus, every milkshake comes with a homemade frosted sugar cookie on top. You won’t find that in the drive-thru lane!


When you order a milkshake from McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast-food places, what you’re really getting is a premade mixture that’s put through an automatic milkshake machine. You can wind up with an inconsistent drink that can be nearly flavorless.

“If you’re getting a milkshake — if you’re going to be consuming those calories — you might as well get the good stuff!” Harper says. “When you get a milkshake at a fast-food place, it’s going to melt a lot faster because it’s made only with soft serve ice cream, and it just doesn’t have the same flavor.”

Milkshakes from Urban Swirl, however, are made to order. You can have yours made with soft serve or froyo if you’d like, but if you ask anyone here, scoop ice cream is the way to go for a true shake.

“When you use scoop ice cream, it makes your milkshake a thick and indulgent experience. It’s a real milkshake, with real ingredients,” Harper says. “Usually, when you go to a fast-food restaurant, they’re only using soft-serve ice cream, so don’t get that thickness that you’re getting with scoop ice cream.”


Urban Swirl offers Graeter’s ice cream, which is a super-premium ice cream that’s made in small batches.

It’s made using the French pot method, which makes the ice cream denser than most ice cream on the market, which makes for a unique milkshake experience. Graeter’s is also known for massive chocolate chunks and other stir-ins (like Oreos) in its ice cream.

“Any time you start with quality ingredients, you’re going to taste the difference,” Harper says. “The stir-ins from Graeter’s ice cream are always big, thick chunks. When you make a milkshake from cookies and cream ice cream, you can almost always find an entire Oreo cookie in your drink.”

That all mixes together to create a one-of-a-kind milkshake experience.


Urban Swirl is your one-stop shop, whether you want a scoop, soft serve, or froyo milkshake.

You can taste the difference with endless flavor choices and combinations, including a monthly, seasonal shake.

Stop in at 7130 Heritage Square Drive, Suite 440, in Granger, or place your curbside order by calling 574-387-4035, and find out for yourself what makes an Urban Swirl milkshake so great.

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