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Why You Should Give Vegan Ice Cream A Try

Delicious ice cream doesn’t have to only be made from milk.

Whether you choose to eat vegan ice cream for ethical or dietary reasons, that doesn’t mean it should taste any less indulgent than traditional ice cream.

Fortunately, there’s Graeter’s Perfect Indulgence. The frozen dessert is a partnership between the Cincinnati-based Graeter’s Ice Cream Co. and Perfect Day, the inventors of the first animal-free dairy protein.

Vegan ice cream, like Perfect Indulgence, offers many benefits over traditional dairy ice cream. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you should give vegan ice cream a try today!

NOTE: When it comes to enjoying vegan ice cream, make sure to read the label of the ice cream to ensure that there are no hidden animal-derived ingredients. Unlike Graeter’s Perfect Indulgence, many ice creams that call themselves dairy-free contain other animal products.


Milk allergies are one of the most common allergies in adults.

If you’re allergic to milk, your body will react to the proteins and treat them as unwanted guests. The reactions it can cause can be as mild as rashes or as severe as anaphylaxis or loss of consciousness. In short, it’s nothing to mess around with!

Plant-based vegan ice cream doesn’t contain milk proteins and is a safe alternative to dairy ice cream. Dairy-free alternatives are a great way to enjoy the pleasure of ice cream without stressing about a reaction.

NOTE: Milk allergies are serious, so if you’re trying a new product make sure to read the label to ensure there are no milk proteins present. While Graeter’s Perfect Indulgence is animal-free dairy, the protein itself is identical to milk protein and will result in an allergic reaction.


Lactose intolerance affects about 36% of American adults. That’s a lot of people who can’t enjoy the decadence of an ice cream cone without some seriously uncomfortable side effects.

Lactose intolerance is different from milk allergies in that it affects people who are lacking enough of the enzyme lactase. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down lactose, which are the sugars in milk.

Fortunately, vegan ice cream is non-dairy, which means it’s lactose free! That makes it easier for lactose intolerant people to digest.

Graeter’s Perfect Indulgence is even better, because the milk proteins developed by the scientists at Perfect Day mimic the taste, texture, and nutrition of dairy milk using microflora. That means that Perfect Indulgence tastes more like traditional ice cream than other vegan ice cream options and still doesn’t have lactose. That’s a win-win!


A lot of energy and resources goes into dairy production. From feeding and housing the cows to the massive amount of waste produced from dairy farms, it can take a toll on the environment.

Vegan ice cream is plant-based and non-dairy, so its environmental impact is next to nothing. If you’re environmentally conscious, choosing to eat vegan ice cream to continue to enjoy a tasty treat while knowing you’re having a positive impact on the world around you.


There are a serious amount of different flavors of ice cream out there, and one of the best parts about sampling ice cream is discovering new ones you enjoy.

You might be thinking that vegan ice cream is limited in its flavor options, but you’d be wrong! Vegan ice cream companies realize how much we all love our ice cream flavors, so you can find anything from strawberry to black raspberry chocolate chip.

Not only that, different types of plants used for vegan ice cream have different flavors. That opens up a whole world of coconut milk, almond milk, hemp, and flax ice cream flavors to try. If you add in extra toppings like fresh blueberries and cherries, that adds even more flavor!


We know ice cream will never be considered a health food — dessert is about indulgence! But, there are choices you can make that are better for your health than others.

If you’re trying to be more health conscious but a craving for ice cream hits, then vegan ice cream might be the right option for you.

Since dairy ice cream contains milk, it should be no surprise that it also contains the high level of calories, sugar, and fat as milk. If you’re on a strict diet, even a low calorie or nonfat milk option may not be good enough.

Vegan ice cream could be a better option for scratching your ice cream itch without sacrificing your diet.

Urban Swirl and Scoop proudly serves Graeter’s Perfect Indulgence frozen desserts.

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