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Why Urban Swirl Is The Premiere Dessert Destination In Michiana

There’s just something special about walking into a froyo shop and seeing all of the toppings and flavor choices.

But Urban Swirl and Scoop is more than just a frozen yogurt shop. We’ve been a part of the community since 2011, and we’ve spent that entire time evolving to bring you the best dessert experience you can have.

Here’s a look at some of the things we do that make us different than other froyo shops in Michiana.


We don’t just serve froyo at Urban Swirl. We also serve genuine Graeter’s hard ice cream.

Graeter’s is extra special as hand-dipped ice cream because it’s made using the French pot method, which makes it more dense and delicious than other ice cream.

Not only that, Graeter’s ice cream comes with vegan and gluten-free options, which means there’s an ice cream choice for everyone to love! We offer around 20 different flavors of Graeter’s hand-dipped ice cream, which can be combined or turned into...


Our milkshake and malts are second to none. We can make them using any ice cream or froyo flavor in the shop, which means the combinations are limitless!

When they’re made with Graeter’s ice cream they’re even better. Many flavors of Graeter’s ice cream come with stir-ins, like Oreo cookies in the cookies and cream. When you order a cookies and cream milkshake from us, you’re almost guaranteed to get an entire Oreo (or two!) at the bottom of your shake.

We never premake our milkshakes, either, so you’re getting a fresh shake that’s full of flavor. Plus, all of our shakes come with a homemade buttercream frosted sugar cookie on top.


We offer more than 21 different froyo flavors and 20 different hand-dipped ice cream flavors. We also have 60 different toppings for you to choose from, which means you can mix and match flavors and toppings all you want.

You’re not just limited to froyo or ice cream in a cup — or cone — though. We also offer milkshakes, malts, pies, and cakes. If you just can’t decide, we also have a flavor flight so you can explore different flavors and find your new favorite.

There’s something for everyone at Urban Swirl, even your four-legged family members. We have pup cups made with YögHund for dogs to enjoy.


Whether you’re stopping into the shop, sitting on the patio, or catering an event, we’ve got treats that are sure to indulge your sweet tooth.

We offer a wide variety of froyo, hand dipped ice cream, milkshakes, pies, cakes, and even pet treats! Stop in or place your curbside order by calling 574-387-4035.

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